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Common Types of Foot Pain we Treat in our Clinic

Every one of you has experienced pain in the foot one time or the other in your life. Although feet are one of the most used parts of our body, very rarely a thought is given to them. The whole weight of our body rests on these feet and all the veins, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles come together in the foot to form one of the most complex parts of human body. The foot consists of 28 bones and since is exposed regularly to the ground is vulnerable to many stresses. Foot problems and pain can cause severe injury or inflammation to the foot leading to unbearable pain limiting the mobility and movement of the foot. At our clinic, we treat different types of pains related to foot and provide complete cure for them. *


Understanding Pain in the Foot


Pain in the foot does not start immediately. It certainly has some reason and can bring limitations to your active lifestyle. The reasons of this type of pain can be many including nerve damage, sprains and fractures. Some of the most common foot pain in the news that people suffer regularly include pain in the foot’s ball, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon injury. In case of pain in the ball of foot, the pain position is located at the bottom of the foot exactly behind the toes. This pain can be due to damage to the joint or nerve area. Sometimes it is also caused due to non-benign growth, for example Morton’s neuroma. The usual treatments recommended at are corticosteroid injections. Doctors also recommend wearing inserts to support the shoe and for relieving the pain. In case the pain does not stop, surgery can be suggested.*


Treating Plantar Fasciitis


When you start feeling severe pain in the foot heel chances are that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. The problem gets aggravated when you try to stand up after resting for a while. This is the right time to start and find out more about the problem. Generally, the major cause behind this plantar fasciitis is overuse or chronic injury to the surface of the sole or the foot plantar. This injury causes inflammation to the fascia of the foot that is a fibrous and strong tissue band that connects the toe base with the heel bone. Such conditions are ideally treated at ourclinic where expert doctors recommend specialized treatments. This type of problem is very much common in overweight people especially women, people engaged in profession requiring long standing or walking on the hard surfaces, people having high arches or flat feet. The condition is also caused due to running or walking with tight muscles of the calf. *


Plantar Fasciitis is so common that you can find most of the obese people suffering from this chronic problem. The treatment to this common ailment includes applications of ice pack, rest and doing stretching exercises.  If the pain is very much severe, you might be prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications by the foot clinics, although these should not be used for long duration, as there are some proven side effects of these medications.*


Treating the problem of Achilles tendon injury


The largest tendon in the body of human is known as Achilles tendon. It connects the heel bone and the calf muscle. However, due to its long length, it is more at risk of suffering tendonitis or rupture that causes inflammation to this tendon. This tendon can also be damaged due to overuse. General symptoms of this condition include mild to pricking pain that mostly strikes after exercise and goes on increasing gradually. The tendon area initially stiffens and once the swelling starts, it warms up and starts paining. You can prevent this problem if you have basic awareness about Footlogics. Some of the treatments include massage, stretching, ultrasound, strengthening exercises and rest. *


Taking care of your foot


Apart from these foot ailments, various other foot problems can be easily cured if proper treatment is given at the right time. Majority of the people try to neglect the foot pain when it is at the primary stage. Instead, if you immediately rush to foot clinic when you start feeling the pain for the first time, you can save yourself from getting the problem chronic.*


All the problems related to foot can be cured and the chances are more if early diagnosis is made. However for this you need to approach right clinic that specializes in the treatment of foot related  pain and ailments. Choosing a right clinic for treating your foot diorders is an important component of diagnosing the ailment. The earlier you start treating the disorder, the better it is.  *








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