William J. Wilson - What I Want To Know

William J. Wilson - What I Want To Know

Título: What I Want To Know

El autor: William J. Wilson

Publicado: 04.02.2019

Género: Ciencias Humanas

ISBN: 9781525518201

Tamaño: 2.90MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

What I Want To Know por William J. Wilson

Christianity began on the margins of the Roman Empire, and is the foundation of Western Civilization. Christianity in the West has provided meaning and hope, social cohesion, a shared world view, and a narrative that makes sense of the world. It has now, for the most part, been replaced by materialism which has no place for meaning and hope, no mechanism to generate human social cohesion and no world but the one in which it is found. It is now time to go back to Christianity and review the things that have been forgotten and that produced meaning and hope. It is time to take seriously the study of Chinese scholars who in pursuing the secret of the greatness of Western Civilization concluded that it was all because of the culture


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