Vernell Garrett - The Smell Of Green

Vernell Garrett - The Smell Of Green

Título: The Smell Of Green

El autor: Vernell Garrett

Editor: Bookbaby

Publicado: 05.03.2017

Género: Psicología y Pedagogía

ISBN: 9781483578262

Tamaño: 4.80MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

The Smell Of Green por Vernell Garrett

If there is a rational explanation why everything exists, we will never discover it. The very existence of a cloud or an ant is the first and last mystery, all things big and small, none greater than any other. But the biblical story of the beginning of the Earth might be a metaphor to explain the complex mystery of Time, Space, Life and Being. Whether "Adam", "Eve" and the "Serpent" ever existed in the past or not, could they be perfectly alive and at work inside us? Through its 475 poems, "THE SMELL OF GREEN" explores the "Seven Days of Creation", "Adam", "Eve" and the "Talking Serpent" as equations and personifications energy and mass that build the framework of our psyches, everlastingly present in an ever present genesis. The story it tells is at once abstract yet concrete, allegorical yet real, passionate yet rational. It condenses the cosmic principles each represents to a point where we can see them function in our daily life.