- Shattered Crystal

Shattered Crystal

Título: Shattered Crystal

Editor: Boruma Publishing

Publicado: 15.06.2013

Género: Literatura

ISBN: 9781310551734

Tamaño: 1.80MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Shattered Crystal

He married the girl of his dreams…and stepped headfirst into a nightmare. Tim and Crystal are blissfully happy together until Shane moves into their quiet little trailer park. The outlaw biker is mysterious, a little dangerous, and ruggedly handsome. Crystal is instantly captivated by his sexy body and no-holds-barred lifestyle. Shane is happy to help fulfill their sexual fantasies…and then introduce Crystal to the steamy world of stripping, Meth addiction, and drug trafficking. Shes the perfect drug mule…gorgeous, naïve, seductively innocent. No one will ever suspect her of a thing… ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “I met your mule today,” Jingles admitted, then raised both hands when Shane looked at him sharply. “I just said hi, buddy. That’s it.” “Good. I need her…for now.” Cautiously Jingles scanned the room, then turned back. “Look here, man. You got your mules, and you got the hook in ’em. That method works, and I use it, too…but eventually they ain’t gonna be reliable enough to make deliveries. Too much risk to both our organizations. Know what I’m saying? "What happens if one of them gets clean, or finds religion, or gets busted? You and your club could find yourselves in court or, worse, in another jail cell. “I got a better solution. Sell them to me.” Jingles’ expression was serious. “I’ll take them off your hands, and I guarantee they’ll never be a threat to your organization in the future.” “Is that right?” Despite the fact that he knew the black man was trustworthy, Shane couldn’t help sneering just a little. “For argument’s sake, say I’m interested. How could you guarantee they wouldn’t be a risk? You gonna babysit them?” “In a way,” Jingles conceded very quietly. “Listen, I have another side of my business where these girls could be put to good use. It’s extremely profitable, and I’ll take care of any disposals.” Silently Shane considered his offer. It would definitely solve his biggest problem, because Jingles was right—sooner or later the girls would be too hooked on Meth to be useful, and they’d become a security risk. Meth always took over. No exceptions. And since the club wanted to avoid simply murdering them, they were a loose end he hadn’t figured out how to tie off yet. This would be both painless and profitable. “How much?” Jingles hid his satisfaction behind a casual smile. “Well, let’s take the mule I met this afternoon. If you were interested in selling her today, I’d go as high as $50k, cash on delivery. Man, she just looks like a walking, talking good time. “The girls I buy from you will either work for me, or I’ll sell them to buyers overseas. In most cases, they’ll start by working with higher-end clients…but eventually we’ll move them to the street. They won’t stay in one place for long, for a variety of reasons, and we’ll manage their drug use as much as possible. “Sooner or later,” he admitted, glancing at Shane, “they reach a point where their expenses outweigh their income. When that happens, we sell them to organizations in other countries, and those girls never return. It’s one of our stipulations. Less profit that way,” he added, cautiously glancing around again, “but I still make money, and the girls still disappear. “Once in a while, a girl like Crystal comes along, and my overseas clients will buy her immediately. It doesn’t happen very often,” he conceded, leaning back on the bench. “But when it does, the chick brings a really high price.” Shane softly whistled. “And once they’re out of the country?” Jingles’ eyes hardened. “You don’t want to know,” he said firmly. White slavery. Brutal and ugly, but efficient…and a good option for the club, Shane thought dispassionately. Eliminating the mules’ security risk was more important than the money, and he knew Lobo would approve it…


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