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Do you suffer from sensitive or painful feet? You are not alone. Many people in the UK complain of sensitive and or painful feet. This sometimes happens with the change of weather, while other times it is because of an underlying medical condition. The feet have to cope with great pressure when we walk, since it is the only body part that comes into contact with the ground, exerting a lot of force with each step. On the other hand, some activities such as sports result in aches and pains, although Sensitive Feet and Damage can result from regular walking.

Sometimes this happens when the foot change shape, when parts of the foot rub too much against shoes, when the foot lacks protection such as what our company provides, or even foot injury that aggravates the pain.

At Sensitive Feet and Damage, we not only educate you more about foot care, but we also provide you with the necessary tools and treatment that will keep your feet comfortable and also accelerate the healing process.

Some people tend to suffer from sensitive feet much more than others do, they include:

Diabetics: Diabetics suffer from reduced ability to feel pain, fragile dry skin and foot changes, all which result to increased foot injury.

Elderly people: As people grow older, there tends to be numerous changes to the feet, including the movement and shape, dry skin, among others. These changes make the feet more sensitive and prone to injuries.

People with arthritis: When one suffers from arthritis, the joints tend to become stiff and painful, which eventually makes the feet highly sensitive

Feet injuries: People who have suffered one form of foot injury or another tend to put too much pressure on the foot, which again aggravates discomfort and pain

At Sensitive Feet and Damage, we help you look after your feet!

We have realised that many people find it hard to take good care of their feet, whereby they lack a regular beauty or pedicure regimen. This can make a huge difference to one’s self esteem, and proper care can help deal with minor problems such as cracked heels, in grown toenails and calluses. At Sensitive Feet and Damage, this is our speciality and our main beneficiary is our own Company President who had chronic feet pain as a result of diabetes. Luckily, she was able to bring the condition under control and determined to help others going through the same pain

The company

At sensitive feet and damage, we have over 7 years of experience in treating and managing sensitive feet, and recommending the best foot care products for each person’s unique needs. We give you relevant guides, including personalised consultancy to help keep your feet in the best condition possible. Additionally, we will also teach you how to pamper your feet when away on holiday, and during extreme temperature conditions such as winter and summer. If you are pregnant, are planning to be, suffering from diabetes, or are aging we will teach you how to take good care of your feet. Just write us an email.


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TestimonialsKeira McDonald
East London

The most shocking diagnosis I ever received this year was diabetes. I thought that I would never recover from painful feet, but thanks to Sensitive Feet and Damage after a friend recommended. I can wear my heels again!

TestimonialsOlivia Roberts
Goldhanger, Essex

This is an amazing store, it almost feels untrue that I can finally go to work without having to take painkillers for painful feet. I had endured this for 2 years until I met their consultant at a conference, scheduled a consultation, and have been using the recommended products for 3 months now. Thanks guys, I am forever grateful

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